Frequently Asked Questions

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Plans and Service

What is your minimum group size?

Avesis will write groups sizes of 5 employees for employer paid, 10 employees for voluntary.

How many plans does Avesis offer?

Avesis offers a variety of vision plans that will meet your client’s needs. Avesis has plans with flexibility in frequency, co-payments and monthly premium.

Do you offer a materials only program?

For clients who have an embedded exam option in there health package, Avesis has a materials only program that would provide complete vision coverage in these cases.

What are your rate guarantees?

Avesis typically offers a two-year rate guarantee on new and renewal groups.

How do I get a Quote?

You can obtain a quick quote directly from this website. Avesis has dozens of plan options that are not available through the quick quoting system. To explore other plans, please contact a Regional Vice President of Sales in your area or request a proposal from this website.

Network and Company

Who are your providers?

Avesis contracts with over 25,000 providers nationwide using a mixture of 32% retail chains and 68% of independent providers.

What is your AM Best rating?

Our underwriter (Fidelity Security Life) is an AM Best A- rated company.

Groups and Members

Does Avesis Issue ID cards out to the members?

No. To provide a hassle free experience, members are not required to furnish an ID card for services. Providers will verify a members plan details and eligibility using one of the many tools at their disposal. If a member chooses to carry an ID card, a paper version can be printed from the member portal of the Avesis website.

What happens after I sell a group?

Your sales rep will need the following information to set up the group's implementation and issue enrollment materials.

  1. Group Information
  2. Which plan was sold (including co-payments, frequency of benefits and rates)
  3. Enrollment dates
  4. Additional enrollment material as requested

What will the group receive once they have enrolled?

Each employer group receives an Administration Guide. The guide will include the actual policy and certificate of insurance as well as instructions on how to administer the vision benefit

What will the members receive?

Members will receive enrollment materials that will consist of a Summary of Benefits, Enrollment Form and a HIPAA statement . Other member marketing materials may also be available during open enrollment.